SHEQ. Safety. Health. Environment. Quality.

Safety, health, environment and quality: four core values that we strive to achieve every day. Get acquainted with our shipping DNA. Discover SHEQ, our core principles at Soliqlux.

>> SAFETY | Strive for zero incidents

Soliqlux is 100% committed to safe and risk-free inland waterway transport. Our strong safety mindset is evident both in the quality of our ships and in our highly-reliable transportation policy. Our fleet is equipped to the most modern standard and is constantly updated to adhere to the strictest safety regulations.

To ensure safe and professional inland shipping, Soliqlux has joined forces with Dirk Beernaert, an external safety advisor at non-profit organisation DGT . This guarantees 24/7 transportation at the highest safety standards, from a clean and secure working environment to diligent compliance with national and international regulations.

>> HEALTH | Wellbeing on board

Through our own experience of life on board, we recognize the importance of our crew's wellbeing and working environment. For that reason, we are committed to support the captains in their decisions and to guide the crew members in their duties. Above all, we strive for ships where the crew functions as one team.

Transportation with team drive—that's what we're all about!

>> ENVIRONMENT | Shipping and transportation with a CSR mindset

Green transportation is the future. Soliqlux consigns outdated and polluting shipping methods to the history books and makes maximum use of innovative inland waterway shipping with as little environmental impact as possible. Corporate Social Responsibility? It is always our priority.

>> QUALITY | The calling card of professionalism

The success of an inland shipping operation stands or falls with the quality of the fleet. Modern ships, a skilled crew and innovative safety systems—Soliqlux sets the bar high and actively invests in the latest technologies and our crew's knowledge and skills. Quality always comes first!

An inland waterway transportation company with strong values?


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