A leader in quality, a trailblazer in modern inland shipping. Soliqlux combines good seamanship with passionate, waterborne entrepreneurship.

Staffing, managing, organising and transporting—as an experienced generation in inland shipping, Soliqlux's make efforts in the high-quality operation of inland vessels and transport with its own fleet. 

Captains by blood and entrepreneurship

As tradition goes,  just like many generations before, the craft was inherited at an early age. Purchased a pusher as a young entrepreneur to grown and innovate over the years into a fleet of large inland tankers. Soliqlux has gradually built up a source of experience and expertise in inland shipping.

A family of captains with boundless expertise

Today, the aim is to continue the tradition with passion and right entrepreneurship as fully-fledged shipping children who grew up aboard inland waterway vessels. The ambition? Growing and innovating with a high level of quality, both on the water as ashore. That's what we're going for together!

Inland shipping operations with a familial feel?


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